Genesis Roof Repair

Simply Honest

I have been in the roofing industry since the high school summers I spent roofing up in MN, where I grew up before I got married and started a family in Georgia. You have to do a lot more to a roof to make it last a MN winter. A lot of these techniques can be utilized to get more life out of your roof in any region.

I bring a vast expanse of industry knowledge to the table. I have worked for six different roofing companies in my life, local companies, national companies, storm companies. I know building codes for every climate in America. One might say, "Gee Steve, that's a lot of jumping around, you sound like a shady employee." The reality is all but one owe me money. It's no secret our industry has more than its fair share of bad apples. I finally decided to turn this into a positive and start a roofing company that was "Simply Honest."

Unmatched Customer Service

Unmatched customer service. At every other company I worked for the owner and project manager, two separate positions, might not even see your house in person, only on a screen. There might also be an estimator, someone else who will never see your home in person, in which case the previously mentioned positions might not even see your house on a screen. Technology is great, but I can't tell you how many times I've been on a roof and seen issues that the satellite images would never detect. Best of luck getting a roofing company to take money out of their profit after the price has been agreed upon and your old roof is laying in a dumpster in a market that doesn't have final inspections. That requires integrity. Integrity from the owner, the project manager, the estimator, and the sales guy, who is the only guy who may even see your home in person for most companies. Atlanta is a competitive market for roofing; it's not hard to find a roofing company in Atlanta. Integrity is not that easy.

We give back. I believe in giving back. To follow in my sisters footsteps I am working on starting a nonprofit organization. She rescues neglected animals, mainly horses, and pairs them up with neglected kids at her ranch up in Minnesota. I have a passion for breaking the cycle of poverty in young men's lives. One day my group will pair up men with the children of men doing long prison sentences to try and instill hope and a future free of crime.